12-Step Treatment

The 12 Step Addiction Program adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many men and women battling alcoholism find sobriety and wholeness. This support group style of alcohol treatment gives alcoholics a safe space to share their struggles while on the road to sobriety. Meetings are member-led, held once a week, and cross all gender, socioeconomic, political, and racial boundaries.

Though most people are familiar with AA, our team would love to give you more specifics of how it has developed and improved throughout the years. The 12 step program is no longer only for those struggling with alcohol. Today, there are other drug treatment groups such as:

Narcotics Anonymous
Cocaine Anonymous
Heroin Anonymous
Nicotine Anonymous

The main focus of this type of alcohol and drug treatment is identifying the root of the struggle. Further, it allows each person to begin to identify triggers in their life, and equip them to manage their sobriety once they have completed the twelfth step. Self-empowerment is key. Because each attendee is on a different step of the program, beginners can expect first-hand encouragement, insight, and guidance on what lies ahead.

We recognize that each individual has different needs while seeking alcohol and drug treatment. While some thrive in a group environment, others need more one-on-one attention. 

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