shutterstock_270477641-web12-Step Addiction Treatment: The 12 Step Addiction Program adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many men and women battling alcoholism find sobriety and wholeness. This support group style of alcohol treatment gives alcoholics a safe space to share their struggles while on the road to sobriety. Meetings are member-led, held once a week, and cross all gender, socioeconomic, political, and racial boundaries.


shutterstock_434634070-webNon-12 Step Addiction Treatment: While the 12-Step Recovery program promotes a structured style of treatment in a group setting, the Non-12 Step emphasizes a more personal, customized treatment. Our counselors are prepared to walk you through the process of finding a customized recovery track that is best suited for your specific needs.


shutterstock_140175490-webLuxury Addiction Treatment: When drug treatment and addiction recovery comes to mind, most people think of sterile, cold, and harsh hospitals. In reality, there are many luxury rehab centers that offer a comfortable and inviting environment focused on your addiction recovery. Our partners offer a range of relaxing locations—whether it be on the beach, in the mountains, or on a ranch—that ensure you get the attention you need while on the road to recovery.


shutterstock_153210086-webDual Diagnosis Treatment: Dual diagnosis is a common occurrence among people struggling with substance abuse. Understanding and recognizing a patient with this diagnosis is the only way to truly reach sobriety and break free from addiction. Dual diagnosis is when a person dealing with substance abuse is also battling a mental disorder. It is often easy for mental illness to go unnoticed when paired with drug or alcohol abuse, though incorporating rehabilitation with both components is essential to full and continued recovery.


shutterstock_73189654-webHeroin Addiction Treatment: Recently, the United States has experienced a heroin epidemic that has been labeled the worst drug crisis in US history. If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, call us today to speak with a representative committed to your recovery.



pict88_largeEquine Therapy: Equine therapy is an experiential form of rehabilitation that involves interactions between clients and horses. This type of therapy has many proven benefits for individuals in treatment by teaching them to care for and be attuned to the horses. These benefits include empathy, better stress tolerance, impulse control, and social responsibility.



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