Detox, Stabilization, and Assessment

The first step to treatment begins at our luxury detox home in San Clemente, CA.  With a serene and picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll find your stay here rejuvenating. Under the care of our highly trained team, clients will detox from drugs and alcohol and undergo assessments and stabilization for life altering issues and unhealthy compulsive behaviors.

We provide a full range of assessments to help our staff determine the appropriate services for each client. These assessments are the foundation for each client’s personalized treatment plan.

We strive to determine the best course of care for each individual client to help them begin healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

See our full list of treatment services

Call our 24/7 Help Line for immediate no-cost intervention assistance.

Specialty Programs at The House of the Rising Son:

Pet Friendly Drug Rehab – bring your pet to rehab

Equine Therapy

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