Bring Your Pet to Rehab

Because rehabilitation can prove to be a stressful experience at times, we offer our clients the option of bringing their beloved pet to treatment. Not only do pets provide unconditional love and support, but they also have many therapeutic benefits that help with the transition to rehab.

First, pets offer acceptance and consistent love and support. It is nearly impossible to remain frustrated when your faithful companion greets you with excitement at the door. Pets can teach their owners how to love and accept themselves, which is an essential component of rehabilitation.

Pets also allow us to think outside of ourselves, as they have needs that require time and attention. This gives our clients a sense of purpose, which inevitably teaches selflessness and responsibility. Studies show that responsibility greatly improves mental health and establishes a higher self-esteem and perseverance during and after treatment.

Though treatment can be a stressful process, especially when withdrawal symptoms are intense, studies show that pets can greatly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. This kind of support can be pivotal during rehabilitation.

Finally, pets are the ultimate icebreakers. It is nearly impossible to remain isolated and withdrawn when your pet is nearby. They provide an easy way to engage in casual conversation with others, drawing everyone out of their shell.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call us today at (888) 882-9251 to speak with one of our trained treatment specialists about pet treatment options. You are not alone in your fight against addiction.

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