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America’s Heroin Epidemic

America’s Heroin Epidemic Throughout the past few years, news stories about the heroin epidemic have circulated, grown quiet, then ramped up in frequency and intensity. Experts are now calling this epidemic the worst drug crisis in US history. Further, the Centers for Disease Control announced that opioid overdoses kill more people than car accidents per …

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Stress Management

Stress Management and Substance Abuse Stress is a normal part of everyday life. Life gets busy and, at times, overwhelming, though everyone has a different reaction and way of coping. Some are able to easily deal with what life throws at them, while others are incapacitated and frozen with anxiety.  The key to dealing with …

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Withdrawal Symptoms & Quick Facts

Withdrawal Symptoms & Quick Facts Withdrawal occurs when one reduces or altogether stops drug use.  There are both physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms that occur, and these symptoms differ based on the type of substance as well as the individual’s genetics and external environment. Physical withdrawal symptoms include: Sweating Difficulty breathing Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Muscle tension …

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