Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

The House of the Rising Son (THORS) provides an array of services in beautiful, scenic, Southern California.

Our program has been designed specifically for individuals with chemical dependency, an emotional or psychiatric illness, or self-sabotaging behaviors. At THORS we provide our clients with a safe, nurturing and comfortable setting to develop and practice the skills necessary for quality recovery and balanced living. We serve people who need enhanced support to uncover negative patterns that lead to relapse and other self-sabotaging behaviors. At the same time we encourage the development of trust, self-confidence, and relationship skills. We emphasize healing the whole person giving them the opportunity for life altering personal discovery and individual growth.

A philosophy of personal empowerment is at the core of our approach. You’ll find our environment is one of support, care, and structure. We provide individual, group, and family therapy meetings, support healthy nutrition practices, and have scheduled and optional recreation activities to assist the client in establishing a healthy routine for their life. THORS incorporates several treatment approaches because we believe each client is different and may respond to various treatment services better than others.  In order to find the most effective approach for each person, we offer community living, psychodynamic, experiential, cognitive-behavior therapies, and spiritual exercises. We also offer Twelve-Step programs that are all specifically targeted to address addictions, eating disorders, and patterns of spiritual, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that support the client’s continued self-destructive life-style. Each client is different and may respond to various treatment services better than others. To gain the most benefit from treatment, clients are encouraged to remain for a minimum of 90-days.

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Specialty Programs at The House of the Rising Son:

Pet Friendly Drug Rehab – bring your pet to rehab

Equine Therapy

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