The House of the Rising Son Treatment Center is committed to the full recovery of our guests through treatment procedures and most of all, relationship.

We do not look at our guests as a number or a project but rather a person with a life that is highly valued and worth investing in. We love our clients unconditionally and commit to walking through the full recovery process in their search for freedom.
No one should be left behind and with the right treatment available there is hope for any person. We are committed to helping you find unconditional love, hope, freedom, and restoration for everyone who gives us the opportunity.

Drug Detox Program

Our private location specializes in helping individuals taper off of substances safely under the care and supervision of our qualified staff.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program

We provide our clients with a safe, nurturing and comfortable setting to develop and practice the skills necessary for quality recovery and balanced living.

Dual Diagnosis

We provide programming for clients suffering from mental health disorders that may occur with or without substance abuse.

Trauma Therapy

In the safety of our homes, our skilled treatment teams will help the client work through their past trauma that has the ability to manifest into self-destructive behaviors, gain new insights into the way they function on a day to day basis, restore hope, and uncover and embrace their genuine selves.

Family Programs

Family/support system involvement is an essential part of recovery because the addict/recovering person is a part of a larger family system which, in itself, may be in need of healing.
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